Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Quickie

1) Happy Birthday Sarah!! Love love love you!!

2) Hungry Girl is coming to Memphis! Tonight! If you guys don't know about her, you should peruse her website. She updates M-F and has a different little category for each day (for example, Tuesday is "Chew The Right Thing"). She writes about lowfat eating/cooking. Not necessarily healthy eating/cooking - but lowfat (so, she would maybe suggest a yogurt that contains fake sugars over a full-fat, natural sugar product [the first one having less calories than the second - but perhaps a debate on which is actually "healthier"]). She comes up with some interesting "food swaps," though, for your favorite unhealthy things. And if anything, Friday's "Girls Bite Out" gives you some good low calorie options at different restaurants.

3) I'm having a tough time deciding about my bangs for summer. Keep them front-hanging, or have them trimmed slightly different so they are instead side-swept? I love the look of the front bang, but I worry with summer that anytime I get slightly heated, they are going to sweat & stick to my forehand & look bad. And I definitely don't want to have front-hanging ones that I just have to pin to the side everyday - not cute.

4) Patti & I went to Zumba again last night - so fun! You guys should see if there's a class offered near your house and try it out. It felt like a good workout, too - after an hour of jumping around & dancing, I was definitely winded and really sweaty.

5) It's almost the long weekend! Hooray!


Claire said...

I love Zumba! It's surprisingly intense. And I appreciate that it draws a diverse crowd of all ages.

Also, I've had the straight-bang thing going for a while now, and am pretty sure I'll keep them through the summer. I try not to touch them too much throughout the day to minimize greasiness (just try to keep the forehead dry). And if I'm heading out for the night, it takes just minutes to rewet and dry them.

LB said...

I'd try to keep the bangs just to see how they do, then abort mission if they blow.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out!

b|rad said...

is Zumba one of those remote control vacuum cleaners? Like a Rumba?