Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shoe People

The past couple days I've been scouring the internet for shoes. One pair for the previously mentioned rehearsal dinner dress (which, I'm thinking bronze, maybe?), and one silver/pewter pair for the wedding itself. And through all this searching, I've come to a conclusion - or, rather, this previously formed conclusion has been re-emphasized:

I am not a shoe person.

My mom & sister (and husband - ha) are shoe people. "Shoe People" in that they own a lot of shoes, buy shoes to wear with specific outfits, spend a lot of money on shoes, dream of one day owning a coveted Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, use words like "beautiful" or "gorgeous" to describe shoes, would even drive a shoe car if given the option. Me...not so much.

I'd say expense is #1 for me; I don't spend a lot of money on shoes. And actually, the thought of paying full price for a top designer's shoe makes me a little nauseous. I buy a lot of inexpensive shoes; and if there's a situation when I need a new shoe (say, a basic black one for work), I look at every online shoe seller and usually choose the least expensive of the ones I like.

I hardly ever buy a pair of shoes that I'll only wear with one or two outfits (I even bought shoes for my own wedding that I planned to wear again). In looking for shoes for LB's rehearsal dinner, I'm searching for something that will be really versatile and will extend way beyond the wedding weekend. And for her wedding - I want the cutest, cheapest ones I can find.

With shoes, I also have a hard time with fashion trends. I'm sorry, but those little heeled booties that are popular right now aren't cute. Or sandals with a cuff? Or gladiator sandals in general? So I guess that makes my shoe taste super modest - but I just can't look at something that isn't appealing to me and like it because it's trendy.

I will say, though, I think if Jonathan & I ever come across millions of dollars, shoes will probably be something I start to really care about; I'm talking different shoes for every outfit; ten different pairs of black pumps; lots of boots; a shoe closet organized by color and style...

Currently, though, I really want a pair of lower-heeled espadrilles. And I might or might not want a pair of those Reebok EasyTones (whatever! judge all you want until you see my toned boo-tay walking down the street!).

What about you guys - shoe people? Are you willing to shell out big money for have to haves?


Sarah said...

Hmm I love shoes but only pay a lot for a very specific reason. Despite wearing very high heels often, I find that if you are particular in your shopping, you can find very comfortable shoes. I absolutely love a recent purchase of Charles David nude pumps, they are so versatile, I think they were worth the $125 price tag.

Claire said...

Mm, Sarah, I just commented in the last post. I also just bought a pair of nude heels. I paid a little more than 125, but think they are worth it. I also bought these shoes a couple of months ago and have yet to wear them (eek!): But I love them! Jackie, I think these are what you would call "ugly"? Is that right? :) I will say now that I've been making a full-time salary for almost a year, I'm much more willing to spend money on clothes/shoes. I notice a difference in quality and design, and just feel better/more mature in nicer things. You know? It's hard to go back.