Monday, May 31, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding...

And she did it! She wed. LB & Brian are now bonded in holy matrimony! Welcome to the world of "married" status tax filings, family planning, and "I'd like you to meet my husband..."

And what a wonderful wedding weekend it was!

I arrived early-evening Thursday (after nasty plane delays). We had dinner at an awesome roadside taco truck. And after a little bit of beautifying, LBride, Katie, and I went out to meet a bunch of people at a bar. This night was so fun! Tons of people were already in town, and tons of LB's Austin girlfriends met us out. Everyone was very cool/friendly, so it was a great night of conversing & meeting. And....the bar had free skeeball! What?!

Friday there was a cool bridesmaids luncheon on the lake! The party planners extraordinaire rented a boat that cruised while we enjoyed the delicious food of Cecile McAllister. Yum & fun!

The rehearsal dinner was totally Texas-y at a Mexican restaurant downtown. There was nice use of indoor and outdoor space (and weather that thankfully agreed with us). And a delish Mexican buffet (I heart Mexican food in Texas). The toast portion of the night was lovely - thoughtful, meaningful, well-planned toasts, for the most part. This couple had to have felt utterly loved by the end.

We concluded the night at a bar, and then officially closed down by stuffing Team U into the back seat of a Dodge Avenger. We also might or might not have taken a shot of rum offered to us by a pirate. Class-sy.

Wedding day itself ran smooth as butter. LB & Brian wanted pictures all over Austin, so the wedding party took a bus (with blacked-out windows, antlers mounted on the front, minimal air conditioning, and a cooler full of beer) and journeyed all around taking pics. They're gorgeous and can be checked out on the photographer's blog.

I'd like to take a second to describe how COOL the venue was for the wedding (ceremony & reception at the same place). It's called the Design Center of Austin; basically a huge open space with TONS of windows, exposed brick, exposed beams & vents, finished cement floors, and lots of metal elements. Because of the natural light, the harsh elements are totally softened. It was awesome. And LB played to the space wonderfully in her modern/minimalist decorations: instead of big floral displays, she had glass jars filled with greenery; white wooden chairs with slate-colored table clothes; and lantern lighting. Very Cool - a job well done!

The whole night itself seemed to go without a hitch. A really nice ceremony - and even though it wasn't in a church, it still felt sacred - kudos to the pastor for that. And a reception of dancing & fun with a photobooth. Instead of a champagne toast, the bride & groom honored LB's dad (and her family name) with Blanton-brand whiskey - a cute, quirky touch (that I, unfortunately did not partake in: whiskey is no friend of mine). Instead of cake, they had an assortment of friggin awesome pastries - my favorite being a berry tart-type cookie. Oh yes. And one fun aspect of the whole thing was how young the guests were - it definitely wasn't one of those half parent's friends/half kids wedding - it was mostly friends of the couple, all young people who were ready for a party! And a party it most certainly was! I'm beginning to think you can measure a wedding's success by how sweaty you get at the reception. I can speak for myself (and, um, my husband) that this was a success. (Gross.)

So generally speaking, it's awesome when your best friend gets married! I felt totally involved with the whole thing, and yet, had none of the stress that comes with one's own wedding. I felt like I knew a pretty large amount of the wedding guests, but again, felt no pressure to try to "make the rounds" and talk with everyone. While I still had to put on a fancy dress - it was great knowing that what I looked like didn't really matter since everyone pretty much looks at the bride all night. So yeah - I'm a huge fan - again, other best friends, go ahead & get married so I can come celebrate with you!

Congrats to the lovely couple - I couldn't be happier for y'all! Have fun on your loooooong honeymoon (but seriously, don't kill each other). Happy marriage - it really is such a sweet and awesome blessing.


LB said...

Woo hoo! Nice summary, I'll have to link you to my blog so I can skip my own post ;)
p.s. Now you know how much fun your wedding was for me!!!!

Sarah said...

Just checked out the wedding pics and they are fantastic! Looks like a great time.

Claire said...

Ooh, my last comment didn't post. Want to say ..Love love those pictures! I agree with Sarah - looks like a fabulous time.

Amy said...

Yay! Nice recap, Jackie! I'm with LB - now I'm off the hook!