Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday

I'm feeling good today!

1) Only a three-day work week! Woo hoo! I'm so excited to get down to Austin for the wedding! It's going to be awesome & fun & action-packed - yay!

2) Even though it's a three-day work week, it was going to be somewhat stressful with a big project we have going on. BUT - the project was postponed! So I won't even see it until next week!

3) I had a great weekend in St. Louis with my mom & sister! We did a sort of belated Mother's Day celebration. So good to see them both - lots of fun times - eating, drinking, shopping, etc. And the weather - ahhhh - it was a nice breath of chilly air. Even though it rained, it was so nice to have a high of 60 instead of Memphis' 80 today (or last week's 87). We had fun Saturday night going to The Chocolate Bar, which was actually a place we frequented in high school...back when they didn't serve alcohol, it was really well lit, and the menu consisted of milk shakes & hot chocolate. Now it's all swank and bar-like: dim lighting, large martini menu, trendy decor. And it was packed! Really fun, though.

4) When I got home last night, my little house husband had baked bread! Mmm! And then we went out for some delicious sushi.

5) Our sweet BenCat has been sick & throwing up for about a month. He's been in & out of the vet - taking different medicines, etc. Well, it seems that the latest crop of medicines & new food might be working (fingers crossed). He hasn't thrown up since Thursday! Again - my sweet house husband had his hands full with the cat this weekend - but I'm so glad that something has finally stopping the vomiting! The bloodwork showed there is nothing wrong with Benny - he might just have irritable bowels. Sweet little kitty.


Amy said...

I'm glad to hear about all of this, but ESPECIALLY pumped about #1. It's gonna be a party in the ATX!!! And I get to meet this sweet house husband of yours. =) Yay!

LB said...

The Boonie!!!!!!! So they don't know what's wrong?? Maybe he misses Powder. Yep, that's probably it.

Oh and more importantly, I second Amy's enthusiasm :)

Sarah said...

So bummed I was in North Carolina while you were in St. Louis. I think the chocolate bar did serve alcohol when we were in high school, we just didn't order it. I do like the update though. Hopefully I will be in town for your next visit. Have fun at LB's wedding!