Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Round Up

I had such a lovely weekend! One, the weather was great - we had a major coldfront come through that dropped temps down about 15 degrees. It was chilly, but I loved it! And two, my cousin was in town! He had a work conference with a pharmaceutical company in Memphis. So we were able to hang out with him Thursday night, Saturday night, and all-day Sunday.

We had a great time Friday night with another couple. First, an interesting experience at Happy Mexican (which might or might not take it off the list of go-to restaurants...), but followed by a great time at Calhoun's, a bar in South Main (right next to the Cheesecake Corner). We sat on the front patio, so we could see everything going on around South Main, and just chilled and chatted. A good time, indeed.

Saturday I met some friends at a cool new lunch restaurant that's attached to Restaurant Grace (where we went for my birthday dinner). Hello calorie exploding deliciousness! But overall - a neat new place for Saturday lunch and some quality girl time.

We took it d-town Saturday night with Mike & his friend. And then Sunday, after Jonathan and Mike played golf, we cooked out at our house & enjoyed the crisp Spring day. Good times all around.

On Saturday night, a sort of random thing happened. We were at the Flying Saucer (a cool beer bar downtown - but not a place I really frequent anymore). And when we walked in, we saw a semi-open table, so I asked the guys sitting there if we could have the other half. I wasn't really talking to them, but Jonathan was & realized it was a bachelor party from St. Louis. So I asked where they were from in St. Louis - and when I told them where I went to high school, the guy next to me said, "I went there for a year but then transferred to DeSmet." And so we went on, where did you go to elementary & middle school? We'd gone to the same places! So of course, "what's your name?" and he said "I'm Nick X----." This guy was one of my best friends in 8th grade!

It might seem strange that I didn't recognize him, but you have to know that I went to a huge high school, so friends changed a lot, and a lot of people were in & out of my life in a flash. I hadn't heard his name since probably 10th grade - but he was sitting right next to me at the bar! And I guess the fact that we were in Memphis was even weirder; had we seen each other in St. Louis, it would have just been another run-in.

I love the implications of the whole experience, though. That at any given time we could, unbeknown to us, be sitting next to someone we were friends with at another point in life - or who we will be friends with at another point in life; that person could go on to be a best friend or boss or lover or husband/wife - but could remain completely anonymous at the time.

The whole time I've lived in Memphis (almost 9 years - holy crap), Jonathan has lived here too, and I often wonder how many times we were at the same place (bar/grocery store/restaurant/gas station/etc.) but didn't know each other. The answer could be zero - but life feels a little more magical with the possibility that it isn't.

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