Wednesday, April 14, 2010


MarksMenus. Have you guys heard of this?

Our local newspaper did an article about it. It's a Memphis-based company that collects menu data from restaurants & posts it. So you go to the site, enter your desired location (or you can use your own current location) and it gives you a map of all restaurants in the area. Then you can view it as a list, and when you click on the restaurant, it has all menus (breakfast/lunch/dinner) with prices.

BUT - but - even more exciting is the iPhone app. It's FREE! Get this immediately if you have an iPhone - it's so cool!

*As a slight disclosure, the newspaper article says it has collected data from 30,000 restaurants - but Memphis apparently has 200+ contributors - so potentially this is really awesome because it's based in Memphis, and in other cities, might not be so comprehensive. But I think it's still worth a shot. Because it's SO COOL!

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