Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As I might or might not have mentioned on this blog before, I have some allergy issues. There's the obvious seasonal problem, which I'd say is somewhat unavoidable in Memphis, seeing as 2-3 weeks a year everything outside (car, sidewalk, furniture, roof...) is covered in a greenish-yellow film. But I also have a pretty consistent runny nose; and just about every day of the year, I sneeze for the first couple hours I'm awake. (And actually, it happens everywhere - even if we're on vacation - so I don't think I'm allergic to something in our house. And yes, we use hypo-allergenic stuff on the bed.)

Anyway, I don't really like to take allergy pills. It's kind of a mental thing - I'd rather just deal with it than take a medicine everyday. Now, I do definitely use a Tylenol Allergy-type product when I get allergy headaches, but that's generally just those bad 2-3 weeks.

So last week I decided to buy a Neti Pot. And I'm really curious to hear if any of you have used one! If you live under a rock have never heard of a Neti Pot, it's a super-trendy "nasal irrigation" system. You put a saline solution into the pot (shown in the pic), hold the thing up to one nostril, and the liquid flows out the other, basically cleansing your nasal passage.

I'm giving the NP two weeks. If I don't notice a difference in two weeks, I'm done. I've been doing it once a day, at night, before my shower, since last Friday (the 16th).

My Neti Report Thus Far: nothing. I've noticed no difference in my nose. Except, actually, I'm slightly concerned about my ears. I'm not sure I can explain this if you haven't experienced it. But, when you cleanse one nostril, you sort of need to blow the residual water out of it before you do the next. Well, if you blow too hard, you risk sending water into your ears (think squeezing your nose & blowing on an airplane to pop them - so, the ears and nose are closely related). Ok, so - I've learned my lesson, blow my nose softly before I do the next nostril. But then, after you've netied both (for even up to 10 minutes, I've noticed), there's still water in your nose. So you need to blow it again - well, at any point if you blow too hard, water is in the ears.

This whole situation is discouraging. Have you guys Netied?? I'm dying to talk to someone else about the problem & hear if you are sold on the NP. It has quite a cult following - but I've never actually talked to someone in the cult - it's always a friend of a friend/news article/Oprah.


Patricia said...

I had a two-week long tryst w/ my neti. It was amazing. I had never felt better. Then I used it one time, and perhaps I was a little stopped up, or perhaps I didn't lean over enough, and the salt water did not come out. At all. I seriously think it went into my skull, maybe even penetrating my brain. It was one of the more painful experiences of my life. I will NEVER use it again. Be careful!

Claire said...

Haha, "netied." I haven't even heard of it. Good luck with yours!

Sarah said...

Is this the same thing as a bitty pot? Patty Jehling swears by hers. She says she has not had to take one allergy pill all allergy season due to daily use of this. I have been thinking about trying it but haven't yet. Maybe I will wait to see your results.

katie said...

i've tried to neti but can't use it because of my deviated septum (the water doesn't flow from one side of my nasal cavity to the other). isabel swears by it, though, and it actually really helps big lou, too. he uses it not on a daily basis, but after he's been outside for a while, mowed the lawn, after drinks on the deck, etc to clear out all the pollen that has accumulated in his nose. hopefully you'll see some good results. i wish it worked for me!

LB said...

Will you give a prize to the first person to use the word "neti" in sentence using every form of conjugation?