Thursday, April 8, 2010

My goodness yesterday's blog post was long! I just LOVE to read my own words - I can't stop writing!!

So anyway, we'll keep things light today. I. Love. Spray. Tanning.

(And so does this guy - look how TAN he is!!)

Until my senior year of college, I'd never been to a tanning bed. Even when it was super popular in high school. Even when I was pas-ty white. Even before our HS senior year Springbreak cruise. Even though everyone who tanned said it was so relaxing. Never. I knew it was bad for you. And even though I can get really tan (utilizing low-number SPFs), my pale skin's first response is to b-u-r-n without any sunscreen on - so that leads me to believe tanning isn't my wisest choice.

(And 2nd semester senior year of college - man, we hurt our bodies that semester. That's the only way to explain it. But we were really, really tan. I think the last few weeks of school we went to "the bed" close to everyday, right? HA!)

So anyway, after those few weeks of lapsed judgement, I went back to my mantra of no tanning beds. But really, what's a lady to do when she's super PASTY, but needs to, say, show some skin in a dress? Or is getting married? Or is in someone else's wedding? Two words: spray. tan.

I really do love it. You can get either the slightest hint of color. Or a full-on, back-from-the-tropics tan. It makes your skin look really even, hiding scars/scratches/red blotchy parts, etc. And I've found that with a little preparation - mainly exfoliation and lotion - it's basically foolproof. The main drawback, in my opinion, is that if you go to a tanning salon to get one, you risk people seeing you going in & thinking you're going to "the bed." But that's a risk I'm willing to take. Tonight, for example (since bachelorette party falls on the list of "Things For Which I Need a Spray Tan").


LB said...

Dude, I just got the hand spray tan yesterday and it's awesome!!!! So much of it has died down already though so I will have to do it closer to the wedding than I thought, but man, it's amazing! Liiiiittle awkward to stand there in just a thong but hey, beauty is awkwardness, right?!

Jonathan said...

The spray tan I had before our wedding was a little uneven because I was gagging in the booth after swallowing too much spray.

LB - I recommend the extra dark spray before the wedding, because nothing says "life-long commitment" better than tanned butt cheeks.

Sarah said...

I love spray tans too and didn't discover them until this past year. Jackie - Your wedding was my first spray tan and all my friends back home kept saying my skin looked so nice in the pics, I had to attribute it to the spray tan. However, sometimes I find I don't get that much color from it, any tips to get darker?

diamonds arent a girls best friend said...

love spray tanning I get my weekly dose now that its spring so i can have a fake cali glow!

yay for use bloggers. we are aiming for a weekly post!