Monday, April 26, 2010

I Feel Good...I Knew That I Would...

This post might be really lame - but I just wanted to report that after a week of no breads/no sweets/no alcohol, I feel great! My scale is down about 5 pounds (which is definitely water weight/bloating), but it's an awesome, noticeable difference! It means all my rings easily slip on, all my pants that were starting to feel snug are back to normal, and my bras are no longer "busting" (ba-dum-chink) to the brim.

Most importantly, though, I feel good on the inside. General cravings for all things are gone. So no more strong desire to hit the candy jar, ever, really. No more ravenous, out-of-control snacking after work. No more eating just to eat, even if I'm not hungry. No more drinking and snacking (ie, a beer after work with lots of pita chips, hummus, etc.).

And I guess while these things are definitely the physiological result of not eating high-glycemic-index food (thus spiking insulin & making me hungrier), it's also a mental thing. I said I needed to do something radical to re-shift my focus to healthy living - so even though no bread/no sugar is radical, it's registered in my brain. Last night, for example, after dinner I was thinking about a sugar-free fudge pop, about how it would be good. But then I stepped back, realized I wasn't really hungry (I was just looking for something sweet), so instead, brushed my teeth and called it a night on eating. This would have never happened before.

I love, too, that no bread/no sugar/no alcohol basically means I'm eating all whole foods: fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, olive oil, etc (I do eat lowfat dairy - and I definitely buy organic milk - but not organic cheese, so there is that in my diet). And, I'm sad to admit I cannot at this time break myself of 1 Splenda in my coffee - I know, I know, Splenda is the Devil...but it's so good. But other than that stuff, I think everything is looking good! We'll see how the coming week goes.

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