Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help Me!

Ok friends, I need your help in tackling...


Thankfully we're not quite in full-on dust storm mode, but it's a major problem in our house. My allergies are really bad. And I'm not talking about dust bunnies in the corner of the room, I'm talking about individual little particles of dust everywhere. I will wipe down our coffee table, and the next day, it will be covered with little dust particles.

We have lots of bookshelves, and they are just constantly covered in dust. What should I use to combat it? And how often do I need to do it?

I've tried using one of these little beauties......and it basically laughed in my face. Like, did nothing to combat dust - if anything, spread it into every little nook & cranny of the room.

I know our house is old - and old houses seem to be dustier than newer ones. And I know we have a cat - whose little kitty dander and hair is everywhere. But do these two things mean I just have to deal with a dusty house?? The house has carpet in two of the bedrooms, and the other bedroom & rooms are hardwood and ceramic tile. Should I be vacuuming everything (carpet & hardwood) multiple times a week? Is that my only option? PLEASE help me, friends! What should I do & what cleaning items should I use to STOP. THE. DUST. ??


LB said...

Maybe you need to change your air filter more often and/or buy a better one?? Says the person who hasn't changed her air filter once?

Sarah said...

If you find the secret to keeping dust at bay, I'd like to know it, however, I have one thing that helps. Do you have a swiffer vac? You use a swiffer wipe on the bottom but then it also has a vacuum. It's very light and re charges, and I find it does a great job with floor dust. Let me know if you try it.

katie said...

i have no clue how to solve the dust problem in general, but i actually have another swiffer suggestion. have you tried the swiffer dusters? they actually work really well to trap the dust and not just re-arrange it, if you will. it would be for furniture, fixtures, appliances, etc (not for the floor problem). you'd need a starter kit (cause it contains the reusable plastic wand), but after that you just buy the little things that slide on the wand. anyway, you should try it out...it seems to work great for me!

also, if you go to the swiffer web site (link below), you can get a $1 off coupon for the starter kit.

Claire said...

Hmm, this is tricky. When I dust (if ever!), I wipe down all electric appliances, wooden furniture, etc., with a paper towel/rag and some Pledge (or Endust, or the like). You might also consider wiping down your walls? And blades of your fans, if you have any. Oh, and vents. Then I shake out all rugs, and then wash them. Then I sweep the floor, and finish it off a with a good mopping (with a Swiffer). Do you have curtains on all your windows? Maybe shake out and wash those as well. Do you have central AC? You might want to get new filters. Mm, hopefully the dust goes away once the trees stop budding. Good luck!