Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fluff

Here's a Haiku I've written:

Dear Stock Market Holiday
by Jackie

I love how you show
your head about once a month.
You make my life good.

If you need some help reading between the lines (I know, poetry is tough), I'm HOME today! As in, not at the office! As in, not wearing a suit, making small talk about the weather, smelling the awful cologne of one of my colleagues, or drinking coffee out of the LoEstrin mug I hide from my coworkers so only I can drink out of it. What?

Anyway, I'm excited about my mom arriving in a couple of hours! Our birthday agenda includes lunch at Miss Cordelia's, pedicures on Mud Island, and the great lobster pot pie bake of 2010. Not to mention cupcake and alcohol consumption. What a great Friday!

I also wanted to follow up really quick with my post about taste tests. When I was at the fancy grocery store on Wednesday buying lobster, I saw that they had the Annie's Organic Ketchup (the one Claire mentioned in her response to my post - the one that won some taste tests). So I bought it and tasted. was really good! I highly recommend. It's pretty sweet, but also had a really nice sort of secondary vinegar flavor. It's a lot more textured than most other ketchups I've tried, which made it nice, I thought - as if it actually came from a tomato. And you can see pieces of pepper in it, which is fun. The ingredient list, as well, is a lot less scary than other brands. So overall, if I remember when I'm at the nice grocery store, I'll definitely pick it up again. (A sort of random thing about it was that I put it in the fridge [I usually prefer my ketchup room temperature], but something about this one [maybe the texture?] just made me think it'd be better cold.)

So I'm wishing you all a Happy Easter! I hope you'll get to be with family or close friends to celebrate the glorious Resurrection. (And believe this or not, Peter Cottontail usually still comes to my house - so I'll be looking forward to some treats from him before church - what a great day, indeed!)


LB said...

Your weekend is set
For much fun, and pretty toes.
Yay, Resurrection!

Claire said...

I'll have to pick up some Annie's ketchup now! Have a great weekend with Michelle!