Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Plan

My eating has been really unhealthy for the past four weeks. It started with my birthday weekend, followed by my mom's birthday/Easter weekend, followed by LB's bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, followed by my cousin's visit to Memphis. Too many meals out (where I made unhealthy choices), too many sweets, waaaaay too much candy from the Easter baskets, and too many drinks.

I generally do an "official" weigh in every Friday morning when I wake up; it's a decent way to keep track, actually, since most likely I'm not bloated or retaining water or anything from eating out/drinking (as I would be if my weigh-in day was, say, Monday). Well, the Friday before my birthday, I weighed in & was one pound away from a goal I'd set myself (if I weigh X, I'll get a pedicure).

And then what...? Did I get that pedicure??

Um, no. I now weigh five pounds more than I did on that Friday.


I think Sunday was the day all the nastiness really set in. I'm super bloated, I've gained weight (I can see it in my face), and I've developed this massive sweet tooth (which is very uncharacteristic of me - I'd be so much more likely to crave cheese or salty chips than cake or candy).

SO - yesterday I started a 2-week journey into no carb/no alcohol land. When I say "carb," I'm referring to all wheat/grain/oatmeal products and all sugar - I'll continue to eat fruit (except maybe bananas & mangoes?), and I'll eat all vegetables & beans. Since I'm not a huge bread/pasta person to begin with, this is basically targeted at getting rid of the sweet tooth.

I know it seems extreme to cut out a whole food group. But I have to say, when I'm this far off course, I need extreme. I've learned from experience that if I just decide to count calories (when I've gone this far away from doing that) - I can't ever follow through. It becomes too easy to "slip in" a donut ("I'll just eat a smaller dinner"), and thus begin the sugar-crave that has me in a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips by 5pm. Or on a Friday, "I'll just have one beer and count the calories" leaves me drunk off three because I don't want to eat dinner since I've used my daily calories.

It's absolutely a will-power thing. And just so I don't sound like a total slob, I definitely spend most of the year counting calories - or at least keeping them in check - and maintaining about the same weight, give or take a couple pounds. But when I fall off the wagon, I really fall off. And I'm off now - waving at the wagon as it passes, with a cupcake in one hand & a Bud Light Lime in the other. I'll keep you guys posted.


Sarah said...

I do the same thing... a once per week weigh in. However, I never seem to be able to commit to something extreme in the short term when I've fallen off the wagon a bit. Good luck with the healthier eating choices.

Claire said...

I've also been cheating recently. I lost weight for your wedding and lost a little bit more up until a month or two ago. Since then the weight has been mostly steady, I think. But for the last month, all I can eat for dinner is pasta. PASTA. (Wheat pasta, but still.) And occasionally I'll treat myself to half and half in my coffee, whereas before it was strictly soy or skim milk. The list goes on. Must. stop. I went to the gym tonight for the first time in a while. Slowly but surely I'll get back to my new-old ways. Good luck to you!