Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm curious about other people's non-work email inboxes. Most email servers have a strong spam filter - so most of the absurd stuff goes to a spam box: things like "A Little d.i.c.k?" or "Your Sex Pill Outlet" [actual emails in my spam box right now].

But every morning, when I load my email on my iPhone, I have about 10-14 emails of spam-type mail from stores that aren't filtered as spam. Today's went as followed: Williams Sonoma, Gap.com, MyShape.com, Piperlime, Amazon, Aveda Online, Sierra Trading Post, Neiman Marcus, Barnes & Noble, RedEnvelope, Victoria's Secret, and Barneys New York.

I know these come to me because I've bought something online from all of them - but do you guys have a similar email situation every. single. day. when you first check your email? Because they're being sent in the middle of the night & early morning (today's ranged from 1:46am to 7:24am). And some stores (I'm especially talking to you, Neiman Marcus) probably send about 3-5 emails per day.

It's annoying. But also - for a place like Gap.com, say - I won't buy anything online from them unless I have a coupon code. So even though I rarely shop online there, if I really need something, I'll wait until I have a code for 20% off (because they send them every couple days). Or a store like Neiman Marcus, for example - I don't really shop there, it's not a go-to store for me. But what if they are having a HUGE, UNBELIEVABLE sale, well, then I'd probably look.

So what I'm really saying is that even though I'm annoyed by all the store spam, I don't like the idea of never having a discount coupon or never being notified about one-day sales. Today, for example, Amazon was offering 35% off certain brands of handbags. I've been needing a big summer/spring purse to use instead of my heavy leather winter bag. Voila! I bought a cute new $120 tote purse for $78!

What do you guys do about these emails? Stay on the list? Or cleanse, and avoid falling victim to consumerism?

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Amanda said...

I use my old pre-marriage email address for on-line purchases and so all of these types of emails go to that account. I look through it once a day and end up deleting most everything unless there is a huge sale or a great coupon.