Friday, March 19, 2010

Working for the Weekend

I'm so happy it's Friday! Not that this week has been particularly difficult or anything, but nothing beats counting down the minutes until quitting time before the weekend. And it's a gor-geous day outside! And I'm having lunch with a friend! And basketball is on all day & night! And I actually slept last night (the first time in 3 nights)! Just look at all those exclamation points! It's like I can't stop! I love the exclamation! Love it!

Ahem. Whoa. Excuse me.

So anyway - I'm excited about the weekend, even though there isn't a ton on the agenda. I imagine there'll be quite a bit of basketball. And Saturday night we're having a pre-birthday celebration for me with Jonathan's parents. And Jonathan has informed me he's working all day Sunday - so it looks like I might have to drive out to the new Anthropologie and see what's going on there (which sounds awful, I realize - my husband stays home & works while I go shopping - but it's not like that - no, really!).

Hopefully there will be some good sleep. Seriously - this week has been really bad for my on-again, off-again insomnia. And since we did a major clean of the house last weekend, hopefully there won't be too much time spent there. Maybe some brewksies are also in the mix? Who knows, but happy weekend, guys! And Gooooooo all the teams I've picked on my bracket!!

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LB said...

Brewwwwwwskies! And Anthropologie! And birthday-ness! Fun weekend indeed :)