Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Things....

Two things are on my mind today I'd like to share with you guys.

One, why is the weather in Memphis so crazy? And why can't the weather forecasters get it right? Ever! Today, there is a 100% chance of thunderstorms. It was supposed to be rainy and gross all day. The current weather: sunny skies with light cloud coverage. What? I would think that at least the weather people would update the forecast, right? Like, "it looks like that big storm system passed us, so sunny skies this afternoon." But no - still 100% predicted. (Not that I won't take sun when I can get it - but it's just annoying.)

And the second thing: my hair. Ok, I love my current hairstylist. She's awesome - and every time gives me a great cut. And I love my current haircut - the short hair with layers really works for my thin thin hair. And it's actually really easy to style (like, I can shower at night and then mess around with it a little in the morning and it looks great). One thing about it, though, is that I use a ton of hair product. So while it might look like it just naturally blow dries and sits well - it doesn't. There's a lot of volumizing product and hairspray keeping things in place.

So, when a windy day enters the equation, things get tricky. You know how some people have that beautiful, thick hair that almost looks better when a nice breeze has blown through it? Yeah - I don't have that. In fact, wind is my hair's enemy. And wind with some humidity in it (or a light drizzle) is its nemesis. So here's my question: what would y'all think if you saw someone young walking down the street in one of these, a la Audrey?
Would you just immediately think, "tool?" Because I think I might. But when analyzing the situation with the wind, I think a scarf might be the only way to remedy it. And I should say, the wind is a big problem for my hair (especially now that I have bangs - which are just plain DONE when they've been windblown, like not going to look good again until they're either washed or, in the minimum, wet and blow dried). And for work I park at the bottom of this huge hill by the river - so there's wind off the river, and then the hill acts as this sort of wind tunnel, channeling an enormous gust between the buildings.

So would I be such a huge, unimaginable nerd if I got a scarf to tie over my head while walking into the office? And if not, where do you think I would find such a scarf? (I have thought of a hat as an option, but sadly, my hair is too thin to not fall victim to "hat head" even when only worn for 5 minutes.)

Also, did/do any of your grandmothers carry around one of those plastic hair cap things like mine did? Since she only went to the hairdresser once a week for a shampoo & style, she would carry this plastic bonnet with her at all times in case she was caught in the rain. Maybe that's an option for me...


LB said...

eeek I don't know about the scarf. maybe you can find some really cute ones and try to start the trend?

hey it's the day before your birthday!!!!!

Amy said...

this is when i wish photo comments were allowed. pretty sure i have a great photo from the weekend to insert here. =)