Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This & That

This is a sort of busy week at work for me (which is awesome - I love being busy). But in lieu of a real blog post today, I'm going to make an entirely unrelated list of things on my mind.

1) We are in the market for a new car. This is exciting, but also a little nerve-wrecking (since it's a lot of friggin money for a car - and it seems reeeeeeally easy to get screwed). So part of my busyness at work this week is making myself an expert on buying a new car & getting an awesome loan. And fyi, we'll gladly take any advice from you guys who've bought one before. But hopefully all will go well and we'll be cruising around Memphis in our low-emission Subaru:

2) I'm a little bummed. I had become involved with a non-profit in town (a conservation group working to protect the Wolf River) and was going to head a campaign of theirs in association with a local brewery - trying to sell beer and raise money for the non-profit. Well, I found out yesterday that the partners at the brewery worry the campaign is a conflict of interest for them, so it's permanently on hold (ie, probably won't happen).

3) I am so excited, though, that it's March! This year is already flying by - but I can't say I'm too disappointed to see dreary, cold, sun-less February gone. And I cannot wait for daylight saving time next weekend! I love getting home from work and having a few hours of sunlight left (which really opens the door for outside walks/time on our porch/dinner on our deck, etc.).

4) Along the same lines, I love months where the first day is on a Sunday or Monday (as was the case with February and now March). It sounds silly, but I really like how the first week of the month is done, basically, by the first weekend. For whatever reason, it helps with my planning and budgeting for the month.

5) I have found, of late, that being able to check gmail on my iphone has positives & negatives. It was really awesome in the beginning (since I'd never been able to check my personal email during the work day [and HELLO, why did I not have an iphone while wedding planning?], I felt so connected to the world). But, a benefit of not checking email during the day was that at night, I actually had to put some time into reading email & responding. Well now, I find that I read my email all day, but a lot of times, I never really respond. And it's not intentional, per se, it's just that I get so many emails a day (mostly junk), that if I don't respond the moment I see something legit, it just goes into the abyss of my phone. And having the phone definitely encourages me to never sign into gmail on the actual computer at home. So friends, if you've emailed me & I haven't responded, I apologize - and will try to be better about that.

Anyway - just a quick little snippet of life. Happy March!

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LB said...

Ooh ooh so are you keeping the Solara too?

Also, it's your birthday month! And it's not just any birthday either ... it's your GOLDEN birthday!!!!