Monday, March 8, 2010

There's No Business Like Show Business

I'm going to preface this by hoping that stupid doesn't delete this post after I spend some quality time writing it (like it did with the riveting post I wrote on Friday [that I'm sorry to say, will never be read by the masses as I didn't/still don't have any desire to try to re-write]). Ahem. So anyway - last night was THE OSCARS!

Of all awards shows, not only are the Oscars my favorite, but of late, the only ones I can really handle watching. I'm not crazy about them - like, trying to see all the films nominated & hosting viewing parties, etc. - but I do enjoy devoting one Sunday a year to the silly, glitzyness of Hollywood.

This year, I found tivo to be my best friend for the show. I started watching a good bit behind real time, so I could fast forward through all commercials (and - don't know if I should admit this - through most of the acceptance speeches). What I had was a beautiful show, taylored perfectly for me.

But in general, I thought the show was really well done this year. I loved Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin as hosts (with, of course, the guest appearance song by Barney Stinson in the beginning). I loved the way they showed the Best Picture clips (quickly & smoothly throughout the show). I thought the speeches about each Best Actor/Actress nominee were touching & personal. James Taylor singing the Beatles was a classic choice for honoring those who died this year. And I even thought the modern dance thing was pretty cool (mainly because it wasn't over the top - just really awesome dancers doing their thing [without a huge, flashy set/fireworks/weird costumes, etc.])

And I was generally happy about who won. Of the Best Picture nominees, I had seen: Avatar, Up, The Blind Side, District 9, (and basically An Education, because my mom gave me a 15+ minute detailed description of it). I had/have absolutely no desire to see: Precious, The Hurt Locker, or Inglorious Basterds - but from everything I've heard about them, I'm sure they're awesome, and all the awards they won were well deserved.

I guess one winner I wasn't thrilled about was Sandra Bullock for Best Actress, because, come on. BEST actress? Of all the actresses out there, this Speed/Miss Congeniality/The Proposal/The Lake House actress is the best? Uh, no. Also - The Blind Side was a pretty bad movie, right? I mean, cool that it's a true story, but even if the cliches & bad writing were based on a true story, as a movie, it's still, well, bad writing & cliches.

I did like Sandy's dress, though. I liked a lot of other dresses - but it's so hard to remember now. I remember quite clearly, though, how WEIRD Sarah Jessica Parker looked on the red carpet! Did you guys see her? She had a weird/unflattering dress, an awful spray tan, and her eyes were all glassy & c-r-a-z-y. I don't know what happened there.

And finally - what is George Clooney's deal? Can someone explain this? It is an understood thing that he doesn't like award shows? Or that he doesn't like having attention given to him at award shows? I didn't quite understand what was going on - and I have to say, even with that smile, he looked kind of jerky when he would roll his eyes & get mad on camera. Just saying.

Were you all happy with who won? Did you see a lot of the movies?

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b|rad said...

Is there a word limit on comments??

You failed to mention Mo'nique's acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. It gave me chills and she deserved to win hands down.

I also thought Demi Moore looked incredible in her dress. One of my favorites for the night for sure.

The Best Actor/Actress nomination speeches were my favorite of the night by far though I enjoyed the tribute to John Hughes, minus the Maculy Culkin weirdness.

I thought the set seemed a bit old school? And yes, Clooney is a douche. And yes, Cameron Diaz pulled the blonde card. And yes, Meryl probably should have won but Sandra did a great job in that role and I think you should give The Blind Side a chance.

Also, did you know an Oscar weighs 8.5 pounds? I know. I just held one recently... :)