Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Funday?

Ok - I'm hoping this isn't one of those pop culture references that I just don't know. But, is "Sunday Funday" a thing? Like, is it from a movie or a song or something? And does it imply something specific (like, "Sunday Funday" is when you do X), or is it more just a cute little rhyme a lot of people use? Because a lot of people use it. In fact, it seems every Sunday my facebook news feed is loaded with people having TONS of FUN on Sundays.

Well, I would like to state pretty definitively that for me, Sunday is not usually fun.

Does anyone else feel this way? It seems like it goes way back to the days of school when Sunday was the day of buckling down and doing homework. Or college, when Sunday was the day of buckling down doing homework and laundry and cleaning (not to mention potentially nursing an awful hangover). In my life now, Sunday is a day for: church, laundry, cleaning the house, planning meals for the week, grocery shopping, exercising, getting everything together for the work week, etc. Not: laying around, drinking, going out for meals, going to movies, etc.

And it's not that I wouldn't like to be doing fun things, in theory, but how/when would I get everything done that's required for a home to run properly if I spent all Sunday at a bar? (And I guess I should disclose that church doesn't start until 11, so just about every Sunday I sleep in and then stay in bed drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and watching cooking shows until it's time to get ready. And I guess I could be doing laundry/cleaning/meal planning during this time - but I love how glorious and lazy and indulgent it is, and would hate to give it up.)

About a month ago, for a few weeks in a row, I was going to lunch after church with friends - and I found that the stress it caused for the rest of the afternoon almost wasn't worth the fun of the lunch (especially one time when we sat around until 3:30 - and it was a great time, for sure - but a little stressful in the back of my mind). And also, I guess I'm not a huge fan of daytime drinking or drinking if I'm hungover (I actually never do this [and, I mean, come on - coffee and greasy breakfast are SO MUCH more satisfying after a night of drinking than a bloody mary]), so maybe that automatically puts me at a disadvantage to Sunday Funday participation and enjoyment.

Of course I realize the obvious conclusion is to do the "chores" of Sunday another day - but then glorious Saturday afternoon isn't as fun. So what about you, friends, do you enjoy your Sunday? And if you do, when do you do your weekly "chores?" (And also, can someone maybe explain if "Sunday Funday" is an actual thing?? Thanks.)


Jonathan said...

Just another Manic Monday, who-oh; wish it was Sunday; Cause that's my Funday.

LB said...

I had never heard Sunday Funday until Austin, and I've come to understand it as a synonym for day drinking. They are really fun if you allow yourself to schedule it sort of, so you know you're basically writing off the whole afternoon. Such a nice luxury!

katie said...

all i want is friday funday or saturday funday. those have become nearly foreign to me this past year. so foreign that i texted lb about what to wear when i went out on friday night (is it possible to be that pathetic?).

i agree with lb, though. when day drinking can be done and planned properly, it's actually really fun. but that usually ALWAYS happens on a saturday for me, so i'm not sure what to think of sunday funday.

and also, not to be too judgmental, but i'm pretty sure your life and things are more in order than the people who have weekly sunday funday, according to maybe it's just a matter or current preference.

Sarah said...

I would also equate Sunday Funday with day drinking. Most of the people I know that partake in this are doing one of two things; day drinking while playing a recreational sport or day drinking while watching things like playoffs in any sport or NFL football. I happen to like both of these activities but can rarely muster up the strength to participate in the drinking part of the activity. Mondays are bad enough without hangovers.

b|rad said...

I literally asked someone this same question today (before I knew you wrote a blog post about it). And their response echoed those above. Spending the day drinking.

So a throw back to spending the day at the K Sig House with the Tri Delts for a breakfast swap. Start the day early with a bloody M or a mimosa and don't stop.

Haven't had a Sunday Funday in years.