Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I L-O-V-E springtime! While Fall is definitely my favorite season, Spring is a close second. I love the temperatures warming up (but not as hot as awful Summer). I love daylight saving time (as I've mentioned before). I love the buzz in the community around the first warm/sunny day of the year (as was the case here last weekend) - the way patios fill up and people take walks and sunroofs are open and sandals pulled out. I love the overwhelming smell of grilling in the neighborhood. And actually grilling out ourselves, eating dinner on our deck. And flowers. Oh how I love the flowers - daffodils giving the first hint of what's to come, then the flowering trees, then the azaleas - all of a sudden, the gray of winter is gone & entirely replaced with yellow and green and pink and blue. It's such a lovely time of year!

One thing I worry about every year, though. The awful downside to that first warm/sunny day: when Spring Has Sprung...Too Early.

I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that this hasn't happened, but lo, I worry it has. This year. Right now.

Today's predicted temperature high is 75. 75! That's insane! And the next few days it will stay in the 70s - and then this weekend it's back down to the 50s. All the while, our little friends the daffodils don't know what's up. They think it's time to show themselves - and then - WHAMMY - it snows at the end of March. See ya, guys!

The cherry blossoms and azaleas hurt my heart most, though. I remember a few years ago, Spring sprung too early. The cherry tree in front of the old house was in peak, beautiful, pink Heaven. And BOOM. A late March snow. The tree looked gorgeous for about 12 hours (with the snow AND blossoms). But after that, all the pink goodness turned brown and fell to the ground. Gone for the season. And the azaleas - the beautiful pink, magenta, and red sweethearts of my front yard - they are sturdy, for sure, but no one's strong enough to withstand snow, come on!

So fingers crossed it hasn't happened. PLEASE Mother Nature, let's take the temps back down a little so as not to confuse anything (but, uh, thanks for last weekend, it was unbelievable).

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