Thursday, March 11, 2010

So...What Do You Want??

Birthdays are pretty cool. Let's just put that out there. And it's not even that in our older age, a TON needs to be done to make it so. It's just sort of neat to have a day that's a little more special than other days - and one where you might enjoy some sort of celebratory meal/drink/dessert/whatever, out of the ordinary.

Presents are also pretty fun. Not to be dumb - but, come on! It's fun to get presents! Although every year, even though I anticipate it, I d-r-e-a-d the question "so...what do you want?"

I think that birthdays are a good time to get presents that are actual, fun wants vs. needs (a new dress vs. a new faucet for the kitchen sink). BUT - that's where it gets difficult for me - because in terms of NEEDS, the kitchen sink is pressing - and if I ask for it as a present, I don't pay for it. But, that's no fun at all.

And then it's also sort of difficult, because when on the spot, I can never think of what to ask for. Then my birthday passes and there are tons of things I see that look awesome.

Oh poor me - all these people want to buy me things and I can't think of what to tell them!

If thinking about needs, I could make a list pretty easily:
-a new (non-drippy) kitchen sink
-a new (non-drippy) bathroom sink
-a new chandelier for the dining room
-some frames for the artwork we want to display in the living room
-decorative pillows and/or a quilt for our bedroom
-a truck to bring the dining room set from St. Louis to Memphis
-paint for the dining room

And some bigger things:
-a new roof
-new couches
-a re-finish on the kitchen table chairs
-new cushions for the front porch furniture
-an amazon giftcard that could eventually help in the purchase of a new tv

But these aren't fun.

And I could always ask for things that would be good, but unexciting:
-cute yoga clothes
-cute underwear
-a rolling pin
-a new belt

But, I mean, I would probably buy these things for myself at some point. So this leaves me with nothing. And because we have the big, previously stated "needs" for our house, it's hard to ask my husband for anything other than just a nice dinner (since we should be saving money for the big things). So puzzling! (And such a nice puzzle to have, I realize, but still.)

What about you, friends? What are some great presents you've received? Or things you've seen that look awesome & you can't live without?


katie said...

i am the queen of not thinking of things till after the fact (which really sucks having a birthday and christmas so close together).

i hear you, though. it's totally a toss-up on whether you should get things you need or want. i say ask for one thing you want, and then get the rest in needs. :)

LB said...

I think new yoga clothes is totally fun, and will make you want to go to class more! Or you could get an iTunes card and get some new workout music. I like your idea (per email) of a new dress. Also, have you ever looked at the "home" stuff in Anthropologie? It's super cute but you'd probably never buy it for yourself because who needs $20 drawer pulls? Just a thought :)