Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sickness

Nurse Ben Cat, bringing us some meds.

We've been hit with the sickness in our casa - apparently a few of Jonathan's coworkers were stricken last week. But he started to get a stomachache after dinner on Sunday night, felt really bad Monday morning & stayed home from work. And I started to get a stomachache Monday morning, went to work, got home around 5 & died on the couch for the night. I would've stayed home from work today, but we're super busy and I knew if I was laying around all day, I wouldn't be able to do anything but think about work. So I went in for a half day-ish, and am home now.

I'm not exactly sure what this does for my theory that I never get sick. But I'm going to say it still might be in place (ie, my theory might only apply to things like colds/sinus infections/strep throat, all that non-stomach stuff that gets spread around a few times a year that I never get, even if my husband/coworkers/friends do). Hmmm.

Anyway - I might crawl back into bed now. Luckily I wasn't so sick that I couldn't stop by TCBY on the way home.


Jonathan said...

Pretty sure no one showed up at home yesterday afternoon with TCBY for me.

LB said...

Nurse Boonie is REALLY good at sharing your pillow when you're sick.