Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Running Skirt!

Yesterday's post was all over the place, I realize. So here's a little mid-week fluff to lighten the mood at Queen Ketchup.

Blog readers, I'd like to introduce you to my friend, the running skirt.

In my many years of jogging, I've never been 100% happy with what I'm wearing on my bottom half. I have found:
1) Pants are too hot (unless it's winter and you're outside);
2) Capris can also be too hot (although they're a decent option);
3) Biker shorts are more revealing than I'd like;
4) "Munchy Bottom" - or, that moment when the place where your upper thigh meets your butt begins to "munch" on your shorts, and you have to continually pull them out (or risk showing some skin);
5) "Munchy Thigh" - the moment where you start to sweat and the slightest hint of dampness makes the shorts stick to your inner thighs and start to ride up (although, I think this one might not happen to people with smaller thighs than me); and if left unattended, Munchy Thigh can lead to,
6) Thigh Rub - when your thighs rub together because there isn't any fabric in between them and it starts to burn a little.

For full disclosure, I've never tried running in a short that's made of a heavy or sweat-wicking material - I've only tried the nylon-y, Umbro-type short and short, stretchy cotton ones. So, I could be totally missing a great market - but since I had so much trouble with the nylon & cotton ones, I was hesitant to buy any more shorts.

Lucky for me, I found the running skirt! There are a few different varieties out there. From what I can tell, you can have:
1) biker shorts, essentially, with a skirt that falls over them;
2) a spanky-type bottom (no short at all) with a skirt that falls over it;
3) a skort, basically, with shorts underneath (not compression) and a skirt that falls on top;
4) or various combinations of these three (most companies are making at least one model now - Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, etc.);
5) "Skapris" - compression capri pants with a skirt that falls over the top.

I've tried varieties one and three (I figured that two is better for people who would have no thigh-rub issues - and I wasn't all that impressed with the descriptions of some of the bigger labels' skirts [but that was when I was buying them about a year ago - in doing some research for this post, a new one made by Nike looks pretty awes]).

My variety 1 skirt was made by Skirt Sport (I'm pretty sure it's the "Gym Girl Ultra"). I own this in a few colors, as it's my go-to. It's a cute skirt (I have 2 pinks and a red one), and it has nice biker-type compression shorts that are entirely covered by the skirt that hangs over them. I bought it originally because you can get them on sale at Sierra Trading (otherwise they're a little pricey). I have 2 reservations about it though: 1) the shorts underneath are mesh, basically, so you couldn't really wear it to a gym if you were going to sit down or do anything other than run, and 2) after some wear, the mesh short has started to break down a little.

My variety 2 was made by a cool company called One More Mile which I really want to hype up. I think it's a small, family-owned business. The customer service was awesome, the quality of the product was great, and they included a hand-written, personal thank you note with the shipment (in addition to wrapping it sort of cute with colorful ribbon). Unfortunately, their skirt just didn't work for me. One, it was waaaaaay too short (and yes, I'm tall, but this was short). And two, the outside skirt was pretty tight against the inner shorts, and the inner short didn't have any compression - so when the shorts started to ride up, so did the outside skirt. No dice, but I like you, One More Mile.

And finally, I think this company is the mack-daddy, Running Skirts. They have multiple varieties. The reason I didn't buy theirs to begin with was price ($58-$68 normally - although there appears to be a sale right now if you are willing to try some interesting patterns). Maybe I'll check out the sale and get back to you.

Anyway - try one of these, ladies! If anything, they are a cute way to run! What do you all wear when jogging?


LB said...

Interesting! Have you ever seen anyone else wearing a running skirt? You should bring this to NOLA so I can analyze.

Claire said...

I didn't know this sort of thing existed! When/if I run/jog, I wear thin long or capri-length leggings. I sweat, yes, but who doesn't love a good sweat? I absolutely cannot stand any sort of riding up or thigh burn, so will not ever during exercise wear loose-ish shorts or pants. I fidget and get distracted.