Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck O' the Irish

I thought a lovely picture of Ireland was a little more appropriate than a clip art shamrock or a picture of a glass of Guinness.

So - Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends. I think having a "Mc" in my last name gives me a little more street cred on the St. Patrick's Day front (but admittedly, not that much more). And I am sporting a green sweater today - and I might or might not have pinched a co-worker who isn't in green (I'm so SNEAKY!).

I generally view the "holiday" as somewhat ridiculous (although it made an awesome excuse to drink when I was in college [or the first year or two out, what?]). But really, I don't understand why/how the tradition came to America. Can anyone enlighten me? I watched a show about the food of Ireland on Saturday (and hoped it would shed some light) - but it only really mentioned that the national holiday was St. Patrick's Day - and then was devoted all to food (which, sorry to say, didn't look all that awesome - except for the potatoes, mmm, I love a potato).

But anyway, do you think the way St. Patrick's is a national holiday in Ireland is similar to the way we celebrate Independence Day in America? (I mean, I know 4th of July celebrates a specific event in our history - but I'm making the connection as a holiday that is distinctly of one country.) And to sort of take it one step further, how funny would it be if other countries partook in 4th of July celebrations that were distinctly American - think of what they'd do: eat hot dogs and hamburgers, drink beer, eat corn, wear cutoff jean shorts, run through sprinklers in the yard - GO AMERICA!

So the original intention of this post was to put up some ridiculous away messages that are on facebook today in honor of the holiday. (This idea was sparked when I read one posted last night [by someone my age] saying, "bar date at 9am......goooooOOOOOO ST PATTYS DAY.) But my socks have been knocked off, really, because there aren't a ton of people doing all-day drinking or anything. In fact, there are some nice little rhymes and blessings being posted (and, I mean, I can't really be cynical about an Irish blessing, can I?).

Therefore - in honor of the holiday (and in lieu of brilliant, biting criticism) - here's a list of some of my favorite things that are green:

-the shutters on our house
-Benny Kitty's eyes
-reusable grocery bags (get it - green - like, eco??)
-mint chocolate chip ice cream (although I don't really have this that much)
-Pure Abundance shampoo by Aveda
-broccoli-cheddar soup

And some of my least favorite things that are green:


I hope you all have a good day. Anyone going out and drinking green beer? With a little bit of irony, I have a meeting tonight at a Mexican restaurant. I guess margaritas are green, though, right?


LB said...

Ooooooh the Boonie! I'm going to send you the perfect St. Patty's picture that you might want consider adding to your post :)

Austin is insane today. SXSW has been going on (which includes films, gaming, etc.) but the music portion kicks off today, so people are starting to go nutso trying to get to shows...and then on top of that, it's St. Patty's. God help us all!

Jonathan said...

I like Green Begs (tm) too.