Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy GluttonDay to Me!

Do you remember birthdays when you were a kid? One, they were pretty awesome (read: lots of presents, cake, birthday party, etc.). But two, do you remember how fun it was to celebrate your birthday in class at school? Your mom sent you in with baked goods to share, everyone was really excited for you, and you maybe got some special privilege (I remember, in 5th grade, the privilege was to use paint pens to write the class schedule on the board [oh to live in such a simpler time!]). Anyway, one of the things that was cool about your birthday was that there was a huge hoopla at school - and then on the weekend you got to have a party; it was more or less TWO days of celebrating.

Well, I learned this year that the adult equivalent of a week-day birthday for a kid is a Saturday birthday. Because, like in childhood, I had a pre-birthday celebration at work on Friday (where adult-centered privileges are involved: cake & a balloon, an acceptably long lunch, and an accepted early departure); and then I had all of Saturday to celebrate! It was fantastic!

This year could definitely be categorized as a birthday of glutton! When I left work early on Friday, I went to get my bangs trimmed. And the hair salon happens to be right down the road from GiGi's Cupcakes, so even though I knew Jonathan was getting cupcakes for my birthday, I stopped in & got one after the haircut.

Then that night, we had my birthday dinner at a new restaurant we've been dying to try, Restaurant Grace. It was delicious - and the space was really cool (for former Memphians, it's located in Cooper Young where that nasty dessert place Sweet used to be). We started with a cheese course (LOVE restaurants with a separate cheese menu), then split a mussel appetizer, and I had scallops for my main course, and Jonathan had lamb. All around delicious! (And as a sort of fun aside, for our wedding my aunt got us a wine-themed present that included a bottle of "Jackie" merlot from a vineyard in California, so we drank it on Friday.)

My actual birthday (Saturday) was just all-around lovely! It was a gorgeous Spring day! I was treated to a delicious, gourmet breakfast in bed. I spent a few hours laying around reading. We had a yummy Fino's lunch. We went to the Botanic Gardens and walked around. (We might or might not have gotten more cupcakes.) I laid in our hammock and read for awhile. And that night, we went to an auction of which Jonathan's firm was a sponsor (and we got an awesome vase from one of our favorite local potters, Baucum). And all the great calls/texts/emails/Facebook messages - it was just the best day, all around!

There were a lot of cupcakes (6 consumed between the two of us - but mostly by me). They included:
1) Golden Brown (white cake with chocolate frosting);
2) Samoa (based on the Girl Scout cookie - caramel cake with a chocolate ganache center, caramel buttercream frosting, chocolate drizzled on top, garnished with toasted coconut and an actual GS cookie);
3) Caramel Sugar Momma (caramel cake with caramel frosting and sugar babies on top);
4) Italian Cream Wedding Cake (Italian cream cake with cream cheese frosting & toasted coconut); and
5) Raspberry Buckle (hands down, the best GiGi's cupcake I've ever had: raspberry sour cream cake, raspberry buttercream, and a dollop of jam on top - mmm). We each got one of these, which is why the total cupcakes consumed is 6.

I just couldn't get on the scale today, but I fear the number when I finally get the nerve. But whatev - it was such a great weekend (aaaaaaand, KENTUCKY LOST - Yippee)! Thanks for the well-wishes, guys!


Sarah said...

I don't even like dessert and those cupcakes sound fantastic. Yum. Glad you had an enjoyable birthday.

katie said...

sarah - you don't like dessert? WHAAAT?!

and jackie - i just found out about a cupcake place here that's supposed to be fantastic. i haven't loved the ones here i've tried so far, so i have high hopes for this one. it's a local praline place that started doing cupcakes a few years ago. anyway, as soon as i heard about it, i thought of you and patti. the flavors look amazing, so i might give it a try. if it's fantastic, maybe we can try it out next time you're here!