Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ball is Tipped...

"One shining moment, it's all on the line..."

...One shining moment, there frozen in time"

March madness is definitely in the air; and I don't know if it's the fanatical husband, or the intense co-workers, or just the general feeling of anticipation, but I'm excited about it! I just turned my tv on, actually.

Working in an office with mostly men definitely increases the excitement around major sporting events. So of course we have an office pool, of course there's already some trash talk being thrown around, and of course, the tv in the breakroom is going to be consistently on CBS (or ESPN) for the next week+. It's always fun these two weeks, because pretty much at any given time, someone will be in the breakroom watching a game (and this is totally accepted and cool - and often it will be the Director himself). And it's nice how most of the people in my department aren't just from Memphis - so there are some seemingly random team loyalties.

I think I might carry my bracket with me at all times so I can cheer appropriately!

Alright - here we go - first games: Go BYU, Villanova, and Notre Dame!

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katie said...

they had an interesting story on npr this evening about how most office pools are actually illegal in some way or another. did you hear it?