Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I don't know about the rest of you, but I have really enjoyed the Olympics this year! There's something unifying about a worldwide event - knowing that people everywhere are sitting in front of their tvs like I am watching the same thing. And it's fun! I've enjoyed having a cool tv option every night of the week.

I'd say I feel equally interested in the summer and winter games - in that there are some sports I like in each and some, not as much. With the winter games, I've really enjoyed all of the skiing events (even the newer ones like snowboarding & that skijump flip/loop thing). And speed skating. And, surprisingly, curling. Have you guys watched curling? It's sort of a cool game of logic (and the Americans are hands down THE WORST - so it's a little bit like watching a freight train de-rail).

To go against the majority, too, can I just ask NBC, "PLEASE no more primetime coverage of figure skating or ice dancing??" Oh it's so boring! (But I guess we could also ask NBC a lot of things: "Dear NBC, please limit the commercials, please show us the good athletes in the given event - not just the Americans, please give more airtime to sports other than figure skating [seriously, you really messed up with the USA/Canada men's hockey game], please don't schedule your programming so we have to watch the whole night to see full coverage of one event, and please - PLEASE - give us more human interest pieces hosted by Mary Carillo. Thanks.")

This year, in particular, I've enjoyed the Lindsay Vonn saga (and might or might not have gotten a little teary when she was interviewed after she won gold). And I've been impressed by Bode Miller (which might or might not be solely attributed to the fact that he's not such a huge chatch like he was last time). And I can't take my eyes off Shaun White! That guy is a machine - and is so so so much better than all the other competitors, you really can't even compare them. And of course Mary Carillo - I love you, Chompers!

As a final note, does anyone know the origin of the biathlon? Because as noted by my husband last night, it's seems like the only person who would really benefit from bi-athletic skill would be a sniper.

What about you guys? Are you into the Olympics or not? What's YOUR favorite sport to watch?

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LB said...

I can't believe you said you like to watch curling. My God, I have never in my life seen something so boring. But go Shaun White!!