Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Mambo

Happy Mardi Gras! I returned yesterday from a great time down in New Orleans - my 9th Mardi Gras, and counting. This year, Patti made her first voyage to the mardi party at Chez Cian/Crane (since her previous MG experience included, but was not limited to: roofies, bourbon street, crotch grabbing, and being bitten). I was glad to have the great company in the car - and we all had a lot of fun together.

It's always the same general story - lots of food, drink, merriment, parades, ladders, and beads. And, in addition this year, there was a lot of WHO DAT spirit going around. Bacchus had record crowds, all trying to catch a glimpse of Drew Brees (who unfortunately had his back turned for the few seconds his float passed our ladders). But in general, it was great to see the city so excited and united.

We had great weather (chilly, but sunny); and while the Cian girls didn't have tons of people in town, everyone who was there was great company. Aside from a minor incident with some Yats who encroached on our ladders, everything went smoothly. On Saturday night, we went for delicious sushi and met up with the London clan for a drink. All in all, as expected, so much fun (and as expected, I'm in detox mode for the next 2 weeks).

To celebrate our Mardi Gras here in Memphis, we'll be attending a pancake dinner at our church, which, can I just say YUM? I guess pancake dinners at churches on Fat Tuesday are pretty common across the US - but my church growing up didn't do this, and man are they missing out, in my opinion. But anyway, I plan on doing some damage to the pancake supply tonight, because my Lenten vow this year is to get my healthy eating and exercise plan back in action: no more intense after-work snacks, a major decrease in sodium consumption, and only one to two meals out a week.

What about you guys? Any Lenten vows? Happy Mardi Gras!

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b|rad said...

So I'm not knocking people's lenten vows/promises/commitments etc. But today my friend told me for lent she was going to walk her dog everyday. And I said how are the two related? And she said, well, you do things during lent. And I said, I'm not judging but Lent is not synonymous with a New Year's Resolution. And then she got mad at me and said, well I'm not even Catholic.

Good grief.