Friday, February 5, 2010


Hands down, Friday is my favorite day of the week. It starts with a nice, casual day at work: we're allowed to dress business casual, everyone takes long lunches, we leave early. But then there's also just a general happy feeling to the day. Since most stock market-related transactions don't happen on Fridays, everyone is a little more chilled out; there's less profanity heard across the floor; less yelling; less stomping around.

Then I get home early, and have a glorious few hours to myself. And I can accomplish so much during this time! I can have a long workout if I want; I can clean up the house if I want; I can go to a late afternoon yoga class; I can run a couple of errands. There's just something about this time - even laundry or cleaning the house feels better in these couple of hours than it does on Saturday - it doesn't feel like I'm devoting my day to it, it's instead that I have a little spare time, so I'm using it productively.

And Friday night - I love Friday night! Whatever we do, I just enjoy it. (Whereas, sometimes on Saturday night, if we stay in, I don't really love it and feel like we should be out doing something.) But on Fridays? We can stay in, we can go out, it's great - there's no pressure. We can stay up late (since we get to sleep in the next day), or go to bed early and get a lot of sleep. I usually don't cook on Friday nights, but even if I do, there's no time constraint - we could eat dinner at 8pm and it wouldn't matter because we can go to bed whenever. Basically, Friday night is our sweet, delicious oyster.

And can we talk about the first beer/glass of wine on a Friday? I hate to say it, but it almost feels deserved: I survived the work week, I haven't had a drink, I ate healthfully and worked out, I deserve this beer. And man, it tastes good. It tastes colder and more refreshing than any other beer the rest of the weekend.

So friends, cheers! Happy Friday!

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