Monday, January 25, 2010

GiGi Cupcake Heaven

On Friday the 22nd, Memphis was lucky enough to get its own branch location of GiGi's Cupcakes. I had never heard of it before, but in a serendipitous swing of luck, someone mentioned the opening in her Facebook status on Thursday.

We decided to go on Saturday - and while this was a brilliant decision, we would've been even more brilliant to go on Friday ( that we could have gone again on Saturday). Yes. It was that good.

Cupcakes are awesome in my opinion. One, the cake itself is small enough that it's pretty easy to achieve baking perfection (unlike a cake, which is so big it often gets overcooked and dried out). Two, while small, you can do a lot with frosting in terms of quantity. I am definitely a frosting freak (I love it 100x more than the cake itself) - and the cupcake gives you a lot of options for frosting (while again, a cake has so much surface area, you can't do an absurd amount of frosting or it looks, well, absurd). Cupcakes can have an absurd amount of frosting - no one is going to question that or think it's over the top. And three, you have a little bit more flexibility in terms of type of frosting: buttercream, ganache, old-fashioned boiled, whipped, cream cheese - you can do any of those without size or stability restrictions. OR - or - you can do something brilliant like combine two (ie, dip the buttercream icing in ganache); you cannot dip a full-sized cake in anything.

The cupcake I got was the "Hunka Chunka Banana Love." The picture isn't exact on the website - but the cake itself was banana nut cake with chocolate chips; and it was topped with banana-flavored buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache. Wonderful ooey, gooey deliciousness. Jonathan got the "Chocolate Malt," which was chocolate cake topped with chocolate malt buttercream icing and adorned with crunched chocolate malt balls. I don't really like chocolate cake - but I could definitely appreciate that his cupcake was baked perfectly - and I also don't really like chocolate malt, but the frosting was AWESOME.

They had a wonderful marketing brochure for us to take home that shows a picture of every single cupcake and has its description. This led to a nice game of "If you went to GiGi's on Wednesday, which cupcake would you get" (since they only have about 15 flavors each day), which then led to the game, "What flavor is the 'White Midnight Madness Chocolate Chip?'" GiGi's rocks - and if you're in Memphis you should go immediately!

On my list to try next: Wedding Cake, Southern Comfort, Pumpkin Cream, Italian Cream, and Golden Brown...and every other flavor.

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