Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did I Trick JCrew?

On Friday night of this week, we're going to a party for the Memphis alumni chapter of Jonathan's Alma Mater. The invitation says "cocktail attire." Now mind you, I have clothes for cocktail attire: a few dresses, some nice skirts, a couple nice tops. But whenever a party like this comes up, I'm always at a loss for what to wear. If this were a wedding or rehearsal dinner, I'd know what to wear. If it were a party given by friends, I'd know what to wear. But situations like this where most of the people attending are going to be much older than us (and the boss of my department will most likely be there), I'm thrown for a loop. Mainly because I don't want to show too much skin.

If attending a wedding/rehearsal dinner of friends, it can be assumed that you're going to see a lot of skin - lots of strapless dresses, thin straps, sleeveless tops, etc. But when attending a party with mostly older people, you might or might not see a lot of skin. My mom for example (who has fabulous arms), always covers them with a jacket or a scarf. So, if I were to wear a strapless dress to this party on Friday, I could potentially be showing more skin than most people in attendance - and I'm not really comfortable with that. (Not to mention that the temperature predicted for that day is 28 degrees.)

So - I wanted to buy a new dress for it: a) with some sort of sleeve, b) that I can wear again, and c) that's on sale. I realized that JCrew was doing 30% all sale items - so I chose this dress (which is taffeta - you can't really tell in the picture).
It will be perfect - and I know I'll wear it a lot (since I have a long-sleeved black wrap dress that I have worn 3645+ times). And this one was on sale for $99. So with tax & shipping, the total was $130. When I went to enter the 30% off code, I realized it was only for total purchases of $150 or more. Boo!
But then - I got an idea. What if I added something else to my cart that would bring the total up to $150? I chose this cute belt that I had seen in the Fall catalogue.

It was on sale for $25. When I added it to my cart, the merchandise alone was not $150 - but once the shipping and tax were added, it was $160. So THEN I entered the sale code - and voila - my new total was $115 - for TWO items! I'm so excited (and definitely wondering why I've never done that before - add another small item when the total is really close to the amount you have to spend to get a discount). Nice sale, JCrew - I'll be happily sporting your merchandise on Friday!

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